Anyone may walk through the gate to enjoy Lakes Bay Preserve. However, there are quidelines for parking outside the gate. Please park your car on the WEST side of Bayport Dr. This is the side with the construction equipment and the willow trees. Do NOT park by the yellow fire hydrant or on that side of the road or your car will be ticketed by the EHT police. Please use common sense and be considerate of the construction vehicles that are also using this area.

We currently have 60 members in our group!

Anyone in need of help or suspicious of any type of illegal activity at the LBRA site please don’t hesitate to call the EHT Police non-emergency phone number 609-927-5200.

Lakes Bay Recreation Association News


The LBRA was selected to receive the Clean Waterway Award from the NJ Clean Communities Council. A plaque was presented to the LBRA at the Council’s award banquet in Newark, NJ.


The LBRA participated in EHT Community Pride Day with a cleanup at the PT-Point site. Fourteen volunteers helped with the effort. Thanks, everyone!


In response to the current developments on and around our much beloved site (PT-Point at Lakes Bay – “kite point” for some of you) we have been advised by deputy mayor Jake Glassey of Egg Harbor Township to organize as a nonprofit group.  The quicker the better.  Right now we are looking for strength in numbers.



  • We have already removed 8.66 tons (yes, tons) of litter from the area.
  • We have completed the process of securing incorporated, 501c3 non-profit status.

Please join the cause!

Membership dues: $40.00

Please download Membership Application from our Home page.

The Donation Page will prompt you to online contributions. Or

Make checks payable to: Lakes Bay Recreation Association or LBRA

Mail to:

Lakes Bay Recreation Association (LBRA)
PO Box 51
Northfield, NJ 08222landingKite-lg