• Safety Guidelines for Lakes Bay Preserve:
    • General:
      1. A kite safety leash is required at all times.
      2. Do not endanger other beach users by jumping or hot-dogging within 200 feet of the beach.
      3. Do not loiter in launching and landing area while flying your kite overhead.
      4. Windsurfers and kayakers should launch upwind of kiters.
      5. Launching kiters have right of way over incoming kiters.
    • Etiquette:
      1. Stash your gear off to the side and roll up your lines on crowded days.
      2. Secure your kite with sand to prevent re-launching.
      3. Help launch and land other kiters.
      4. Ride safely so you can ride another day.
  • Any individual using Lakes Bay Preserve must adhere to the following general land use guidelines established by the NJCF:
    • No alcoholic beverages
    • No glass containers
    • No littering
    • No fires
    • No hunting
    • No fishing, crabbing or netting
    • No interfering with the kite rigging area
  • The LBRA shall be notified in writing at least two weeks in advance of any event including demos, races etc, that a member or outside organization wishes to hold at Lakes Bay Preserve. A written response/decision will be returned to that individual or organization in a timely manner.